SSW 40102 Gunderson 5200 cu ft Boxcar

This is one of the “Express Series” cars that ExactRail produced. It seems this model is accurate, as SSW had 300 of these in class B-70-37 numbered 49100 – 49299. The yellow door signifies paper service, which is fitting for my layout. The model has a BLT date of 1970, so I didn’t want it to look too dirty for my early-70s layout.


According to David Hussey, there are several classes of SP and SSW cars that are similar. Here’s a list showing class, builder, roof style, and cubic feet of capacity. The model has non-overhang diagonal panel roof, so it appears to match up with the information here:

B-70-31 PCF Non OH diagonal 5271
B-70-31R PCF Non OH diagonal 5271
B-70-37 GBER Non OH Diagonal 5200
B-70-37R GBER Non OH Diagonal 5200
B-70-49 GBER Non OH Diagonal 5230
B-70-49 GBER Non OH X Panel 5230
B-70-52 GBER Non OH X Panel 5230
B-70-59 GBER Non OH X Panel 5230
B-70-61 GBER Non OH X Panel 5230

According to Lee A. Gautreaux’s website, the B-70-37 group of cars was actually built in late 1966 and early 1967. It seems that everything else about the model as it comes from ExactRail is correct, with the BLT date of 1970 being the only error. I learned about this after it was weathered. I have a second model with a different road number, so if I have a set of SP/SSW boxcar decals in my collection, I’ll make that correction.

I added lube plates and ACI labels, and I plant to add cut levers and air hoses after I stock up on detail parts. To weather it, I sprayed a dusting of Vallejo German Black, a grimy black colour, onto the underbody, trucks, wheels, and along the bottom edge. When that was dry, I used a range of powder colours to create a lightly weathered look. Other than that, this model is a stock, economy-line car that I bought for under $20. And some say the hobby is dying.


Thanks to Ian Clasper and Tim O’Connor who shared prototype info relevant to this car on the facebook group Freight Car Enthusiasts.

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