SOO 17330

This is Fox Valley Models rendition of a Soo Line home-built 7-post boxcar. This is an excellent model. The quality rivals anything on the market today. I’m no expert on Soo Line, but from the photos I’ve found, this model is a dead ringer* for the prototype. The only thing I added was cut levers. Air hoses will be added when I get some more.

This car was built in April 1970, so it would have been no older than six years during my era. I was aiming for something like four years of service. I sprayed the underbody, trucks, and wheels with a grimy black colour by Vallejo called German Black and then applied a range of powder colours to everything.


Since writing this post, I’ve been schooled on the nuances of freight car spotting. I’m told that the model is 6″ too short, the door is too narrow, and the overall height of the car is off. It seems that the thickness of the side ribs is objectionable as well. 


2 thoughts on “SOO 17330

  1. Hunter,

    Great site! I used to ride my bike to NT when I was in grammar school to watch Conrail switch in the small yard. I lived in the Town of Tonawanda and had the Lehigh Valley run behind my house until Conrail formed in 1976 and they shut the line down. This line would join with the NYC in the City of Tonawanda to go to Niagara Falls. Wish I had taken pictures back then. A lot of good memories from back then. It’s amazing that they only lifted that bridge over the Erie Barge Canal once!


    • Hi Marty. I’ll soon be building the 2 miles of track through North Tonawanda, starting at the barge canal and ending at the outskirts of Wheatfield. I know what the general arrangement of the tracks were, from a range of photos and maps that I’ve gathered, but I need photos of buildings before I start building benchwork. You said you don’t have any photos, but if you ever come across photos taken in NT that show the various trackside buildings, I need shots of the NYC/PC freight house, Lawless Packaging, Buffalo Bolt, Tower 59, Art Gromart Lumber, R. Jones Lumber, International Paper, International Filler, Ashland Oil, Roblin Steel, and any of the structures that backed up against the west side of the NYC/PC yard. I’m casting my net wide to solicit help with this.

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