Structures Update

I made some progress on the layout over the holidays, so I’ll post a few updates to bring things up date. Check out the photo for some details.


In this scene, you’ll see two structures that have replaced stand-in shells. In the centre of the image, the concrete building is the powerhouse. It’s not finished, but it took a great number of hours to get it to this point. I feel that it’s far enough along to give a good impression of how this scene will proceed. This is the powerhouse building, loosely approximated from aerial photos of the plant. It is currently sporting the base colour that use for approximating concrete structures. It’s entirely scratch built, except for the shed building in front of it in grey primer. That building uses a Tichy kit for the side wall. I’ll scratch build the end wall and roof. This will be the enclosed building into which hopper cars are spotted for unloading of coal into the storage silo.

Behind that building is a concrete structure with brick curtain walls. This is the end of a building in the area of the paper machine, where bulk solids are delivered by boxcar. This building is finished except for the final details and clutter. Here’s a photo featuring this structure.


The building to the right is a mock-up/core of the next structure on my to-do list. Also in this photo, you’ll see that I’ve painted the facia. Next time, I’ll post more details about the facia and valance.

8 thoughts on “Structures Update

      • Hello Hunter, maybe a bit lost in translation there! Across the pond in the UK we’d call a diesel loco ‘traction’, your Penn Central Loco is proper lovely though, you do not see many Penn central models done to such a quality standard. Looking forward to more updates!

        • Ah yes, clearly a mistranslation. The term ‘traction’ in North America refers to locomotives that are strictly electrics, rather than diesel-electric. If you call diesel-electrics ‘traction’, what do you call electrics?

          • You could get a book over here that might say something like “British Rail Diesel Traction” or “British Rail AC Electric traction” it is a bit odd. It’s surprising how many differences there are in terminology between UK and the US in terms of the railway (railroad!) It took me ages to work out a Dispatcher is the same as our signaller! I was a member of the Penn Central Historical Society and read the book about the Penn central disaster, so finding your modelling on WordPress has been a proper blessing for me and my friend who are interested in all that stuff.

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