For Sale: SW1200RS “custom”

As I accumulate better quality models for my layout, I’ve been going through the very last remnants of the models that I built many years ago. This one was dear to my heart, back in the day. GMD’s SW1200RS are uniquely Canadian, and were ubiquitous in southern Ontario at the time that I built this model. But I’ve since built two of these from Kaslo shells using Proto drives, and this model no longer stands up to the standards that I’ve established for my hobby. I hope I can find a new home for CP 8109. For anyone interested in adopting, here’s what you get.

I built this model some time back in the early-mid 80s. It’s built from an Athearn Blue Box “SW-1500” which, at the time, was a mis-labeled SW-1200(ish) model. Additional parts came from a Juneco conversion kit comprised mostly of white metal parts. I can identify other parts that were not in the Juneco kit. Best to refer to the photos below.

I probably painted the model with Floquil that I mixed by eye to approximate faded CP Action Red. It looks like I used decals for the cab numbers and perhaps CDS dry transfers for “CP Rail” lettering. The multi-mark was done with either a dry transfer or masked/airbrushed. It’s been a while since the mid 80s and I’ve lived some since then, so the details of how I built this thing elude me.

The photos are VERY tightly cropped and taken in hi-res, so you get to see the model “warts and all.” This is a DC engine with Athearn’s old open frame motor and cast metal flywheels. It has Kadee #5 couplers. I know it runs, but I haven’t run it very far. Its new owner would be well advised to disassemble the drive, clean off all the lubricants, and give it a thorough inspection before reassembling it.

I see that there are some people out there who still enjoy Blue Box models and ‘vintage’ Juneco kits, so I decided to post this as ‘for sale’ to see if anyone is interested. Asking $70 (Canadian). Surprisingly, this model sold within an hour of writing this post.

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