Hogs & Hay on the Leamington & St. Clair Railway

My crawl space will soon be occupied by a series of turn-back loops to get trains into and out of staging on my layout, so I’ve been going through a round of purging some of the stuff that’s been stored under there. Along with a nice set of TH&B employee timetables from the 1970s, I found some old waybills and other assorted documentation. I’m not even sure where I got this stuff.

Here are a couple of neat pieces documenting the loading hogs and hay at Blytheswood Ontario, on the Leamington & St. Clair Railway, in January of 1889.




5 thoughts on “Hogs & Hay on the Leamington & St. Clair Railway

  1. Wow, those are cool! Make sure they don’t disappear forever, even if you’re not interested in them.

    I guess (?!) that these are the “bills” that are referred to by the way-bills of this period (see for example https://flic.kr/p/9LYNxE). It seems like the only thing tying them together is a car number and a date; it must have been a nightmare keeping all the paper straight, especially when the bill followed the way-bill!

    Hay was an important commodity back in the days of horses. Period modellers like me would do well to remember that all the urban horses needed bedding and fodder too.

      • It looks like these are the “bill” part of the paperwork. Hay was an important commodity, indeed. It took me a while to figure out exactly where Blytheswood is/was. I consulted a CASO employee timetable to figure out that it’s a few miles north of Leamington. I don’t know if the railways was operated by the Michigan Central, or if it was a separate entity altogether in 1889.

    • I’ll be holding on to all of the timetables that I found. There are a bunch of old CN train orders that I might be getting rid of in the future, but I’ll go through those at some point in the future.

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