SW1200RS Project Revisited: Cab-end Details

I shot hundreds of photos during the year-long build of my two CP SW1200RS models in HO. I’ve gone through some photos and arranged them to show the progress of the cab-end of the locomotives, from resin to rolling.

These are the first photos of the rear of the locomotives. It shows the models still in bare resin. The pilots and GMD cowcatcher are attached, as are the side handrails, bottom step etchings, and lift hooks on the sides of the hoods.

Neat photo of the etchings that form the footboards and pockets for the M.U. hoses.

Slightly out of focus, this photo shows the footboard/M.U. cable pockets added. Both models have been sprayed with primer at this point.

Both models shot with CP Action Red. The cab roof is temporarily in place. The roof would end up being the last part to be attached.

Both models with a fresh coat of black on the rear of the cab and from the walkways down.

Stripes applied to the rear of both cabs.

Both models with the rear headlight details and all of the decals applied.

Handrails and grab irons around the rear door applied. The cab interior and roof are temporarily in place for this shot.


All of the handrails on these models were bent by hand.

More handrails, drop step, M.U. hoses, coupler lift bar, and train line details added.

Rear handrails and two stanchions applied.

All rear pilot details applied and painted.


Both models with all end details applied and painted.

Window frames and glazing added to the cab.

All-weather cab window on engineer’s side added and painted.

Roof details added: antennae and air horns.

Finished. I don’t keep trip pins on couplers for equipment that runs on my home layout, where I shot this image. These models run on the WRMRC layout so, for now at least, the pins stay.

Both models, in service on the WRMRC.

24 thoughts on “SW1200RS Project Revisited: Cab-end Details

  1. Lovely stuff.
    Will you be adding the link to the coupler from the lift bar, or do you find this too fragile a detail for an operating model?

  2. Wow, it is a very nice job. I am wondering if you still have the sheets, if you might post the section for the hand rails?
    If not what about the Point 1 kit number I like to Cast this engine and do it in N scale.
    Again Wow!!

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