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I started writing Ontario In HO Scale in August of 2012.  The vast majority of material I wrote from that time until about the end of 2013 was informed by my involvement with the  Waterloo Region Model Railroad Club, where I’m a former executive member and currently sabbatical. We’re building a massive HO scale layout depicting CP Rail’s operations in and around Sudbury Ontario (Canada) in the 1970s.  I created this blog’s name to express the focus of my modelling at the time.

Hunter Hughson Modelmaking




6 thoughts on “About this blog…

  1. I have enjoyed reading how you aged the C.P.R. gondola car. That being said, I would appreciate if you could tell me how far away from the plastic, you held the soldering iron.
    I have tried a few things (glue, flame and touching the iron to the plastic), all of which failed. I’m running out of practice pieces also. Thanx for your time. Steve

    • Welcome Steve. I hope you find the blog interesting.

      To deflect the sides of the gondolas with heat, I used a 22 watt soldering iron held about ½ inch to 1 inch below the piece of plastic I wanted to deflect. I alternated applying heat to both sides. Once the plastic was beginning to show signs of being pliable, I used a dental tool with a spoon shape to push the panel outwards from the inside.

      It took about an hour to do one car because I worked pretty slowly, making sure that the model didn’t get too hot.

  2. Thank You Thank You!!! I will give that a try and let you know about the final results. just 1 final question, about how long before the plastic deformed? Keep up the good work. Thanx again Steve.

  3. Hello Hunter…
    I just read your “Perspective” article in the January 2016 issue of RMC.
    My name is Eric Roth, and I model the CASO in 1953, St. Thomas yard, as well as the St. Clair, {Courtright} branch.
    I was raised as a small boy in Woodstock, Ontario, and would love to contact Bob Fallowfield, as I worked for the CPR in Windsor, from 1970 until 1986.
    Woodstock has always been “Railroad Alma Mater”, as that is where I first became interested in trains. My dad and I would hang around down at the depot in 1954/5/6/&7 and watch the trains, as well as the old D 10s that worked the Ingersoll, Port Burwell, and St. Thomas branch…
    Could you contact Bob for me and forward my email address to him, please?
    I have some anecdotes he might be interested in hearing.

    Email address is: raeroth@bell.net

    Thank you.
    Eric Roth
    Algonquin Highlands, Ontario.

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