Penn Central N5B Cabin Cars Get Paint

Over the weekend, I made a great deal of progress on the three N5B cabin cars I’m building.


Having drilled all the grab iron holes in the bodies, I spent Saturday morning locating, marking, and drilling the holes for the details on the cupolas.


I filled the holes for the roofwalk with bits of styrene rod. The larger holes were rectangular and had to be drilled out to 1/16″ to get a smoother plug. I shaped the top side of the rods to match the contour of the roof.


On Saturday, I washed all of the parts and let them dry overnight. Sunday morning I sprayed a coat of Polly Scale Light Grey Undercoat on all of the parts. By Sunday evening I was spraying Polly Scale Penn Central Green and Vallejo Air Black on the various parts.


I temporarily assembled the carbodies and placed them on the trucks to let the paint cure. Stand by for more progress on these.