SW1200RS & Sweep

I’m hoping that this page will become something of a gathering place for information about building Sweeps and SW1200RS units.  Like every other aspect of my hobby pursuits, this page itself is an experiment, a trial balloon, a skill and knowledge building exercise.

At this point, there are no commercially available RTR models of these locomotives, though there is an SW1200RS promised.  There are many different ways to approach these projects, and I’m sure many are equally valid.  My hope is that we can use this page to share our knowledge and make it that much easier to build them.  I have no idea whether anyone will contribute their ideas, but I’m throwing open the doors and welcoming everyone in, so to speak.

I am currently in the process of building two CP SW1200RS units from Point 1 resin kits.  There are links to those posts below, plus you can navigate using the sidebar. I’ve also created links to relevant articles elsewhere on the internet.

Readers are encouraged to post links to resources and articles that you’ve found on on the internet (i.e. blogs, websites, discussion fora, etc.).   I will change the appearance of this page to suit whatever information gets submitted. I also encourage anyone who has already built one of these to contribute a guest post about how you did it.  Information and photos of the prototype are also encouraged.

You can use the comment button to create a comment on this page, or you can contact me to contribute a guest post which will be attributed to you, of course.

Links to my posts on this blog:

Part 1 of my project: background and getting started on the body of the Point 1 resin kit

Part 2 of my project: converting the trucks on a Proto 2000 switcher to Flexicoil sideframes

Links to relevant resources on the internet:

DieselDetailer discussion – changing the sideframes on a Proto 2000 switcher to Flexicoil.

DieselDetailer discussion (link submitted by Professor Klyzlr) – moving the wiper contacts on a Proto 2000 and converting to Flexicoil sideframes.

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