A Cold Sunday Afternoon

It appears we are experiencing the winter that will never end, here in southern Ontario.  When I woke up at 9am on Sunday, it was -10 Celcius.  We achieved a high of -7 Celcius in the afternoon, though it was very sunny.  I walked the dog in the sun and then sat down to work on the lettering for three models.

IMG_0180I’ll progress from top to bottom.

Penn Central N8 caboose 23298 now has all of its lettering applied. It’s posed with the roof and cupola resting in place.  I’m ready to spray flat finish onto it and weather both porches before I proceed further with the assembly.

Penn Central X58B boxcar 361520 finally received a road number.  I still have to apply the end lettering, but I want everything to settle into place on the sides before I start propping the model up on its end.

Lehigh Valley X58 boxcar 8203 has all but the end lettering applied, for the same reason as the PC boxcar.  Microscale’s Liquid Decal Film worked like a charm to fix up the crumbling decals that came with this Railyard Models kit.  Thanks Ted.  I’ll make a note to buy my own bottle 😉

Photos Needed For New Decals – NYC 86′ Boxcars


One of the beautiful things about the times in which we live is the speed at which information can be shared.

Earlier today, I blogged about the NYC 86′ auto parts boxcar that I’m building.  Yesterday, I posted on the PCModeler yahoo group about the fact that there are no commercially available decals for this car.  A discussion ensued, and within a day, the various resourceful people on that group suggested that this represents a void in the market that someone might benefit from filling. Scott Pandorf (whom I’ve never met) posted on that group indicating that Hubert Mask of Mask Island Decals has expressed interest in producing these decals.

That was fast!

So, now Hubert needs lettering diagrams and/or quality photos of NYC 86′ boxcars.

I sent Hubert an email this evening, and he made a point of assuring me that the information he gets is used only for the purposes of creating decals. I’m going to dig through my slides, but I doubt that I have any such photos in my collection.  The readers of this blog have proven to be very resourceful in the past, so if you or anyone you know has photos or diagrams that could help with this project, please contact Hubert Mask directly at MaskIsland@hotmail.com

The last of the TH&B rolling stock.

A conversation precipitated out of the topic of distressing and weathering the Canadian 70 ton gondolas I built from P2K kits in my previous post.  That conversation gave me cause to look back at some of the photos I used for reference in this project.  It struck me that, for anyone who is into Canadian railroading, this is a neat photo.  I decided to post the photo, even though it’s not directly related to building models.

The photo was taken in 1989, about three years after CP had taken 100% ownership of the TH&B.  The entire railway, its real estate holdings, rolling stock, motive power, rights of way, was being rationalized by the new owners and its operations folded into theirs.  Much of the TH&B rolling stock was in need of repair by the early 80s, but they deferred maintenance because there was ample supply of CP equipment available to provide to customers.  By the time of this photo, the CP management decided to gather all of the TH&B rolling stock together and have it systematically disposed of, and at the same time demolish any structures that were superfluous to their operations, which meant that nearly every structure was razed.

At the time of this photo, Kinnear Old South yard was filled with rolling stock ready for disposal.  The same grim portrait could be taken at Welland Yard around the same time.  On the right, a line of general service 40 foot boxcars are stuffed into track 4 and have nearly become part of the forest.  Tracks 2 and 3 are also filled to their capacities with gondolas and a couple of flat cars.  A string of slab-side covered hoppers fills Track 1.  The rolling stock roundup was a grim time for fans of the TH&B.

TH&B 70 ton riveted gondolas, bad ordered account rotten floors, stored at Kinnear Old South yard 1989.  Photo by Gerry Schaefer.

TH&B 70 ton riveted gondolas, bad ordered account rotten floors, stored at Kinnear Old South yard 1989. Photo by Gerry Schaefer.

In, but not from Ontario

This car is decidedly not Canadian, but it is modelled as it looked in the 70s, so I guess it conforms to the broader theme of my blog.  The shots were taken in and around Sudbury on the WRMRC.  The ore cars are on hold for a few days while I attend to some other things.  This will have to tide you over until I’m able to get back to them.

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This is a Robin’s Rails car that I bought in the early 1990s for $7.98 at a hobby shop in Florida.  It’s a zombie car because I brought it back from the dead by rebuilding the whole thing, detailing it with Kadee parts, and then weathering it. When I get a chance, I’ll write in more detail about what I did and how I did it.