Time Capsule: Leamington & St. Clair Railway Co.

Here’s another document from the box of stuff that I had packed up since 1986.  This is a shipping order from the Leamington & St. Clair Railway Company dated February 5th 1889 at Leamington Ontario.

It looks like the shipper had three barrels of butter totalling 622 pounds shipped at the owner’s risk.  It appears the shipment was destined for Windsor, but I can’t be certain.


The railway had only been in existence for a year or two when this form was filled out.

Athearn Genesis GP9 (as a CASO geep?)


In the photo above, Penn Central 7458 approaches the west end of Montrose Yard on the CASO with twelve cars and a caboose from Welland Yard.

IMG_2215A short while later, the same unit is westbound leaving Montrose Yard to bring five cars and a caboose back to Welland Yard.

Ok, I guess I’m not fooling anyone.  I took these shots of my new Genesis GP9 at Nairn on the WRMRC.  I could change that 5 to a 3 and this model would have the right number for a CASO geep, but there are some details that would have to change as well.  This one might become a CASO geep, or it might keep its number and represent one of the many roadswitchers working out of Frontier Yard in Buffalo.  Regardless, I’m pretty impressed with the model, and I also have to mention the excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and super cheap shipping from Tim at Action Hobbies in Kingsville.