Weathering Ties – Test Shots

I got started on staining and weathering some ties this evening, and decided to take some test shots to see how things look.




IMG_0222These ties are on the coal track, which is about 10″ in front a viewer’s nose when they’re standing next to the layout, so I’m experimenting with a few different approaches to creating decrepit track.  I gouged a bit of wear (ok, a lot of wear) into the ties and then took three or four passes with a range of artist oil colours that I mixed from burnt umber, raw umber, mixing white, an grey.  The last step was a thin wash of a really dark dirt colour I made up.

Here are some more pics of other spots along the coal track.


IMG_0223IMG_0226I want to be sure that I like the treatment of the ties before I stain the lot of them. I might have to spike down some rail and set in some ballast before I know for sure.